“I so value your insights and empathic presence. When I get to your office and the session begins, all my frustrations dissipate.”

Cecile, violinist

Writing Student

“I will continue to put to use all the constructive things I learned from you and with you.”

Patricia, writing student

Actress Casting

“I’ll never forget what you did for me. Thank God you were there for me.”

Rosemarie, actress

writer working

“Like many writers, I struggled with self-doubt, procrastination and time-management issues. I had no problem unleashing my creativity in first drafts, but when I attempted to tackle a rewrite, I hit a wall.”

Diane Holcomb

Quotation Mark

“After inundating Marj with the various problems I was facing, she helped me narrow it down to a few key areas. She pointed out my successes, and suggested that I had two warring subpersonalities: one who obsessively-compulsively writes, and one who objects to that way of working. We focused on finding a balance between the two, and breaking my writing tasks into small, precise, doable steps. I found the subpersonality work intriguing. I found it extremely helpful to have Marj in my corner. Through her encouragement and positivity, I was able to build confidence in my writing abilities.”


“Your nurturing continues to support me and the art I live by.”

Nancy Chappell,
artist, painter,
fashion designer

Playing Piano

“Thank you for the serenity you helped me find. Coming to you for coaching was one of the best things I’ve done for myself.”

Grace, pianist & music teacher


“With your guidance and support, I’ve realized that I can write music that really expresses feeling.”

Tom, professional singer & guitarist


“Thank you for everything you have done: your time, your caring, and sincere support. The depth of your growth reflects in your ability to work deeply with other people. You have a special gift.”

Kathryn, actress

Beverly Emerson, “Working with Marj, I learned about sub-personalities, how they play a role with one’s motivation. This was extremely valuable as I acquired insights into some of my stumbling blocks. Marj is quite resourceful and willingly shared materials (books, handouts) that enhanced my artistic development. We experimented with guided imagery, dreams and visions, all which has helped me reach my goal of having a satisfying creative lifestyle. I found Marj to be a warm, supportive and compassionate coach. I appreciate her time, energy and will always be grateful for the wisdom she shared with me. I now find time to be creative in my daily life and am able to overcome most obstacles that have prevented me from doing so.”

Quotation Mark

“Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid.” – Dorothea Brande