How I Coach:

I work with high functioning people, who want to improve their relationships or to realize their creative goals.

I work with people who are already creative as well as ones who are ready to discover their creativity.

I provide support and guidance for anyone ready to dive into creativity—or even just dip in a toe.

I provide individual coaching as well as offering classes and workshops. A full slate of classes and workshops is scheduled for late spring of 2017.

I work in person (whenever that is possible), by email, skype and phone.

I accept clients worldwide as long as we can communicate in English.


Together we Can:

help motivate you to be more creative (if you aren’t already)

help you actually get your creative work done

help you set goals and meet those goals

help you learn and practice some communication skills

help you use a few cognitive techniques

help you to heal—if you’ve experienced some harm in the past

help you to create in the middle of things—in the middle of life’s activities and difficulties

I Promise To:

really listen to you and be fully present as you articulate issues you’re working on

have compassion and empathy and understanding

Therapy and Coaching


Coaching is not therapy. Coaching does not involve a diagnosis or treatment. Coaching is not intended to cure or relieve a mental disorder.

That is, coaching is not counseling nor therapy nor psychotherapy. Counseling, therapy and psychotherapy focus on clinical issues, using a medical/clinical model.

Psychotherapy focuses on curing a mental illness, “whereas coaching focuses on enhancing achievement and fulfillment in a generally well-functioning person.” (Jeffery Auerbach, founder of the College of Executive Coaching)

“Coaching can be effective in generating the focus and sustaining the momentum” needed for creative development. (Mary Riemersma, former executive director of CA ASSN of Marriage and Family Therapists)


“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams