How Do I Work?

First and foremost, I don’t work—we work.
That is, we work together as partners in a two step supported process.

Step One – Building Your Personal Tool Kit:

We choose beneficial exercises or techniques, that can be practiced and with which you can experiment. We work in safe, manageable steps practicing one or two approaches at a time. Very quickly your confidence and tool kit will grow and you will see improvement in your relationship skills.

As you reduce—or even eliminate—problematic relationship issues, you will discover more energy and enthusiasm for your creative life.

Relating effectively with others is the first important step for your creative advancement.




Step Two – Inner Characters
Next we look inward. Each of us has inner characters. Recognizing and relating effectively to your inner group of characters has benefits. Who are some of these inner characters:

The Critic

The Perfectionist

The Procrastinator

The Courageous one

The Curious one

The Disciplined one

The Pleaser

The Sensitive one

The Lazy one

The Confident one

Maybe some of these feel familiar? How might these inner characters have influenced your work? We’ll discover that together.


How to Begin

Are we a good fit? Is this the right time for your to begin this valuable work? Let’s find out. I offer a free, twenty minute, no obligation consultation. Collect yours now! I invite you to take this step and invest in your creative future.