Are Relationships holding you back?
Healthy personal and professional relationships are vital to a happy and profitable creative life. Writers, visual artists, musicians, dancers, actors, composers and directors benefit from improving their public and private relationships skills.

Is This You?

Family Issues – Does someone who loves you:

  • Make critical or discouraging remarks about your creative ambitions?
  • Engage you in frequent conflicts or fights?
  • Make unreasonable demands on your time and energy?
  • Interrupt your precious working time?

Past Issues – Is your past holding you back:

  • Are there experiences from childhood relationships that are undermining, belittling, or even downright crippling your creativity?

Professional Issues – Do you struggle with:

  • Colleagues or associates who are petty, jealous, competitive, or overly critical?
  • Editors, agents, orchestra leaders, gallery owners, or teachers who are too scary to effectively communicate with?
  • Feelings of weakness, hopelessness, of being overwhelmed or lost in your creative life?



My name is Marj Penley, I have over 30 years experience as a licensed marriage, family therapist in California, assisting creative people, like you, improve their relationships. I have empowered hundreds of husbands and wives, parents and children, art students and teachers, writers and editors, actors and directors to better relationship skills.

Today, I am a coach with a large tool kit of customized techniques, exercises and quick tricks that can make your creative life easier.

Living a creative life is challenging. Why let relationship pain add to the burden?




Non-Professionals Welcome

Are You Serious about Your Creative Future?

I work only with those people who are serious about their creative work. To clarify, “Serious” does not necessarily mean ‘professional’. “Serious”, to me, means a person who is dedicated to his creative work and wants more than anything else to develop it to the best of his ability.


It’s Safe and Fun

Change can be tough but it’s not always serious. It can also be fun. As we work together on your relationship tool kit and inner work I will be there to: support, encourage, listen, teach, help solve problems, provide resources, and coach you through your personalized challenges. Oh, and we’ll always have room for laughter and play.



How to Begin

Are we a good fit? Is this the right time for your to begin this valuable work? Let’s find out. I offer a free, twenty minute, no obligation consultation. Collect yours now! I invite you to take this step and invest in your creative future.

Better Relationships for you, the Creative Person